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west coast swing, hustle, night club 2-step dance
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A Note from Lisa  
April 2003

We will be celebrating my 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY here at Avant Garde Ballroom Saturday, April 5, 2003 from 8:00 to midnight (or, as Jack puts it, "Until I stop playing"). We are planning a fun evening with a few surprises, so you won't want to miss it! Don, from Bakersfield, has already donated to our raffle a ticket to the U.S. Open Swing Dance championships 2003. What a prize to win! And it only costs you one dollar!

Jack's DJ'd for me all but two of the parties and we have a lot of fun. Thanks Jack. Also I've had guest DJ's Patty Straight and Eric Myers, all playing great music. Andas we all know, without music there is no dance.

In the three years I couldn't run the parties without the help of JoAnn, Carolyn, Beverly, Allen, Jasmin & Tim, and those who just pitch in and help, Jonathan, Jer, Stan, Jim, David, Julie, Nikki, Sharon, Jim, Jerome, Cindy, Catherine, Gim. I know there are others. All the preparation for my parties, the food, the flyers & mailings, the tremendous help behind the scenes from Eric, Aaron & Lynda, Jessica, Joshua, Matthew, Rachel, Tricia, Charlene, my webmaster Jer, and Andre, owner of the beautiful Avant Garde Ballroom. All of you who have made donations to the raffles: Ron & Tyoni, Jim & Darcy, Eric, Tricia, David, Stan, Jack, Dan, Patti, Laura & Dale, Jer, Judy and Andre. Those who have brought yummies to eat: Jamie, Patti, and Cheri; those who have entertained and danced for us, and to you who just come and dance, to ALL of you who have supported me in these last three years, a HUGE HEARTFELT THANKS for your love, help, support and friendship, for without you, THERE IS! NO PARTY!!

And just to remind you that we also raffle off half the money collected, and I donate group classes and private dance lessons :)

In case you haven't been to our web site, regarding the Carribean Cruise, I'm teaching on November 9-16, 2003. Enclosed with the mailer is a flyer with a form you may submit to be included in our group. At the site, you can also sign up, or if you'd like to see the ship, the rooms, the destination and more, it's all there. My webmaster, Jer, did a fantastic job with the entire web site. We receive many compliments on it. Thank you, Jer!!

Our newest Circle of Friends link is for all of you who have your own business and want to offer your service to other dancers. In these unsettling times of war and the economy, the luxury of dance for you may be affected. By supporting each other, maintaining friendships we have developed, and networking, we will help keep our dance family together. I had the pleasure of receiving excellent support from dance colleagues of mine when I was thinking of making a career change, and instead possibly branching out, in a different arena, but still with the dance community. Sometimes our family and friends can see possibilities we haven't yet explored or the courage to do so. It may not be easy yet so much can be learned, especially from those who have gone before us.

OUR THREE NEW VIDEOS are available, Beginning Levels in West Coast Swing, Night Club 2-Step and Hustle. At our site: there's an explanation of each video with the steps we cover, and the man and lady's footwork are included on each video. Our video assists in brushing up on the basics, prepares you for the next step taught in class, or makes a great gift for someone who's interested in learning these dances. Thanks Max for your patience in putting my videos together. We also have our Dance-Today T-shirts available; thanks David!!!

We took a very quick trip to N.Y. with family to celebrate my mom's 77th birthday. Sandi from my class was on our flight with her husband; it was funny. I got a few strange looks when I asked her where she was going.Eric and I danced at my mom's birthday party with many jazz celebrities also performing. It was a great bash! We also saw the Broadway show "42nd Street" which had great dancing, and walked almost completely around Central Park. Whew!

*MY ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, MY CLASSES ONLY will be $50.00 for a 6 week session and $11.00 for drop-ins. I'm teaching two new classes, Ladies Styling & Syncopations class, and a Technique class this session. Both focus on West Coast Swing, however much that is covered is relevant to most dances with movement to music.

Check out the new Class Schedule for other classes offered, and call the studio to confirm a class. If you are interested in private dance lessons, Eric and I are available, call us at (714) 330-3689.

Sometimes change is necessary. Pull from inner strength and courage, like Serafina and Mary have, and also Coleson and Katelyn, Denise's new granddaughter. Or just "try it". You never know where it may lead. Stay healthy and take care of your body your mind and spirit live in and remember to "Dance-Today.Let Your Spirit Play". ~Lisa

See you at our next dance...

"Miraculous" May Party & Dance Saturday May 10, 2003

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