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As life gets busier and busier for Lisa, her ability to pour her heart into a monthly newsletter becomes more difficult. Relationships, teaching, children and grandchildren, monthly and weekly dance parties combined with a tremendous teaching and competitive schedule all contribute to her temporary inability to meet this obligation, serve God and write. Thus the following is left as an example until such time as Lisa can resume her "writings from the heart".


*MERRY CHRISTMAS! Recently I sent this out to those on my mailer, had them in class (I added a bit) and wanted to wish all of you the same...

Wishing you and your family a Beautiful & Peaceful Merry Christmas and Happiness in the New Year!

As 2008 comes to an end, we can look towards 2009 as a fresh New Year, new hopes and dreams, with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart. This year, many of us experienced sickness, pain, sorrow and sadness, but we've also enjoyed laughter, joy, peace and love. Sadly, some have lost a loved one and yet, some have been blessed with a new addition to their family, with a marriage or birth of a child.

We've all been blessed with exceptional gifts or talents, perhaps to share with others or do something nice for someone else...even getting a "thank you"...and a smile. :) What joy to be able to give to others by sharing of ourselves and maybe, learning from them. Life has much to offer, whether with family and friends and not to be taken for granted.

As our lives get busier and the years seem to fly by, continuing to try and grab that Brass Ring may be getting farther and farther away. Let it go. Maybe instead, of always filling our own basket, offer what we do have to others who may be hurting or needing. It's a choice to give, to help, to share. It can be hard work, but there's a good feeling after. It can warm our hearts and someone else's too. You know, those warm fuzzies...

We talk of "Giving Back" to those who have helped us, but what if they're not here or don't want help back? There'll be someone else to help, like, coming into our life when we least expect it. But to give grudgingly, that's not good, it's better to not give at all then. The gift is in the "giving". Yet, we take turns. Some who lost their homes, lost everything, can't even imagine...

Take care of yourself, love your family & friends and give "Thanks" everyday, for all that you have and been blessed with. Every day we're here, every breath we get to take, in a moment, a blink of the eye, all can be taken away and gone, forever...

Remember the reason for Christmas, why we celebrate, with family and friends, to acknowledge the birth of Jesus, our Savior, who died for all our sins...You know, all the STUPID things we've done in our life that only He knows and He forgives... And if you haven't yet, give yourself the greatest gift to others, invite Our Heavenly Father into your heart to live forever.

This can be our BEST year! The choice is ours. Enjoy the Holidays. Get some rest. See you in the New Year!



A Note from Lisa   


It's been a long while since I last wrote. Life has been busy and not always happy, but I have wanted to write again. I do write a bit at the end in my weekly emails, but some of you don't receive those. And I try to keep the news to a minimum. But something inside me kept saying, now, Lisa, now.

Back in November, I thought it would be a great time to write and give "Thanks" for what we have.and in December, to wish all of you, of course, a wonderful Holiday Season. Then came the New Year, how perfect to welcome in the New Year and every month after that. Even my 6th Anniversary party & dance came and I didn't write.

So now it's May and this may be the best month to write again. But perhaps my "Note" has become something to put aside. After all, the computer is the way, today. Everything is on the "Net" that you could possibly imagine. And yet, I still receive compliments & comments that you miss my Newsletter. I am very touched. I would've thought, less to read for those with Email and less paperwork for those who are on my mailer. If I write just this one.

This one is for Mother's Day and to all of our Moms, to thank You for giving us life on this Earth. Though some of us may not have had the best of the best, we all had one. What is the best of the best anyway? Did she teach you about life and did you learn from her? Were you lucky enough to even have a second Mom? Some of our Moms had to work and raise the family and some were fortunate to stay home. And we miss our Moms who have gone up to the heavenly skies.

My Mom loves Jazz and moved to New York City a few years after her mother passed away, worked and followed her passion. She's organized many, many concerts, written monthly newsletters (think that's where I got it from?) which turned into a small magazine, had a concert hall, has her own studio, helped jazz artists and tappers get started, for almost 40 years. She has received numerous awards for her accomplishments and although very busy, has time for her family. She's always there for me.

I was a single mom, too, it wasn't what I wanted or so I thought. We didn't have a lot of money or things, you know the story. but I did try to do the best I could. I didn't always know the answers. All you Moms know, we didn't get a "How to Raise Your Child Perfectly" manual with their birth. Of course, my boys didn't always agree with me (do they ever growing up?). I did know I had to keep going, at times, they kept me going. And I did teach them how to cook, clean and do laundry. You know, the essentials to survive.

I've learned life isn't always fair, gosh, have you heard that before? And as much as we want something to be a certain way, sometimes it just isn't. Just keep going.we may not know where we're going, but one foot in front of the other may get us there. There may be different paths to choose from, take one. If it doesn't work, learn from it and keep going. Maybe it wasn't the right time for that one. And does it really matter who did what and why and who's right and try to figure it all out and waste all that great energy?


NOW is what matters and now that Eric is 31 and Aaron is 34, I'm realizing I did okay (you know that guilt we Moms can have) and I'm still learning. My Mom let me make choices, not always the best, but I've learned from those. And I've learned from others too. You know, we can't get everything from one person, heard that one too? I've had to learn to take care of my own life (it's about time and who else would?), myself, and if I didn't like something, I had to change it. I've tried not to hurt anyone. That's not so easy and we may not understand it at the time. Sometimes we have to make very tough decisions and yet, we have to keep going.

Some Moms have left us. So look to the skies and whisper, "Thank You", they're up there cheering us on. Thanks Gramma, Auntie Achie & Auntie Shiz and dear friends Judy, Mary and Barbara, they too, I know, only want the best for me. Maybe Moms do know best (second Moms too). Thanks Moms, we love you!

Visit our website at www.Dance-Today.com for information on classes, monthly parties, sign up and receive the weekly emails and more.

I love you,

p.s. If you'd like to copy & paste parts of this and send to your Mom, that's okay... :)

(714) 330-3689
Lisa at Dance Today

And Dance-Today.to let your Spirit play.…    ~Lisa

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