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west coast swing, hustle, night club 2-step dance
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A Note from Lisa  
February 2003

We're back from the Swing & Country Mexican Riviera Cruise and did we have a great time! There were dance workshops while at sea and group excursions in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. In Cabo, I even tried snorkeling with Jer. I know for him, Karen and Greg, this was their very first cruise and they were really happy they went, getting in some dancing, workshops, relaxing by the pool, seeing new places, and were quite impressed with all the food. Dancers came from all over the U.S. even as far as Alaska. We were complimented on how friendly our group was and at dinner the instructors and students sat together for great meals and informal conversation. The finale Gala Buffet was absolutely awesome. We were amazed at the beautiful creations the chefs had made from different foods: flowers, birds, faces, and a huge Ice Carving of the Sea Dragon! We had a wonderful time…

We're going to the Western Caribbean via New Orleans November 9th-16th 2003 with Carnival.

Those in my group all wore our new DANCE-TODAY T-shirts compliments of DANCE-TODAY to my workshop. Thank you so much David, owner of "Get It On Sportswear" for not only doing an excellent job for me, but also expediting my order in time for the cruise. Many of you had asked when the next cruise is, this is it! It'll be my first time to the Caribbean and I'm really excited to go and teach, dance and play and Eric may go too. So let's get a group together, it'll be great fun! And right now only $100 will hold your spot with me, John's already signed up, he's all ready to go!

Even with five other dances going on in the Southland, and the Las Vegas Competition falling on the same weekend as our last party, Joie de vivre January had a great turnout. Once again thanks to all of you for coming down and supporting it and to those who help me so much, for without you, there would be no party, just a whole lot of food left over :) . Thank you Jamie for bringing the lemon cookies to this last party and Patti for bringing the brownies to the party the month before.

In April, my dance will be on the first Saturday April 5th. I will keep you posted on future dates or check party dates on my website at www.Dance-Today.com (remember the hyphen).

The tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia not only rocked a nation, but the world. We mourn those lost, not because we knew them personally, but perhaps for what they stood for. Coming from different backgrounds, working together as a team towards the same goal, so close, and now, gone. Is it only during tragedy that we mourn life? Without getting into a lot of controversy, what about here and our daily lives? Do we appreciate being alive or do we miss what life has to offer, abuse it and waste away? Do we see the blessings of being alive, able to see, hear and walk? I just found out two days ago my dear friend of over twenty years had an unknown aneurysm burst in her brain while I was away on the cruise. After her surgery, it's been touch and go while she's been in ICU. I was stunned when I was told, I felt so helpless. We never know when something tragic will happen. In addition to the sacrifices we make for our children and our elderly, we can help each other, and appreciate what we have.

The will of the body is strong. We may have to step out of our comfort zone, even a tiny step, and experience something new and alive. Honestly, I was hesitant to go snorkeling, yet, I wanted to do it because Jer asked me and we would be doing something he excels at. I also wanted to overcome my fear of the ocean and work through a very scary incident where I almost drowned. I know, I know, you're probably saying, "But you swim," because I write how I swim in my pool. But I know where the bottom is and I can always swim to the edge and hold on. Anyway after jumping into the ocean, I knew I was beginning to panic. As Jer was pulling me back to the boat on my back, I regained my composure and holding his hand, I was able to swim with him and see the beautiful fish, some so close we could almost reach out and touch them. It was great!

Check out our website www.Dance-Today.com for more information, our new VIDEOS--We have three beginning tapes, West Coast Swing, Night Club 2-Step, and Hustle. Also look for our new Dance-Today T-shirts. We're still working on our Circle of Friends Business List. Avant Garde Ballroom 3 has opened, call for additional class information. It was a busy, busy January and it went by so fast yet it's still early in the year to get that jump on something you'd like to do. Network, ask around and do it, better yet, BELIEVE YOU CAN and it will happen. It's wonderful to have others who believe in you, and it has to start with YOU! If you need to get in touch with me, email me at Lisa@Dance-Today.com, or call me at 714-330-3689. Take care of yourself, stop in and say hi. ~Lisa~

See you at our next dance...

"Make it Happen" March Party & Dance Saturday March 8, 2003

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