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west coast swing, hustle, night club 2-step dance
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A Note from Lisa February 2004

If it seems like a little while has passed since my last "flyers" to you, it has, well gosh, the whole month of January's gone by already. I had two mailings in December actually, the second one just before Christmas (Wow). I hope you had a great holiday, and your January was busy in high gear getting a great start in the New Year. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks that last month just flew by. Were you able to change one thing you do and cross one thing off your list of something you really want to do?

We had a great turnout just two days before Christmas at Tia Juana's when Eric & I taught the West Coast Swing lesson. My sisters Susan and Pia came and danced and Jer brought his friend, Frank, who was visiting from Washington. It was fun to see so many of you to wish you a wonderful holiday, thank you for coming down. The next morning Jer & I were on our way to visit his daughter, Lisa and son-in-law, David in Tennessee.

Lisa said we brought the sun with us because the weather had been rainy and gloomy. Jer & I went on walks soaking up the sun every day and Christmas was relaxing and a lot of fun with Lisa, David and their friends. The four of us went to dinner, the movies, laughing through "Something's Gotta Give" and thought through "The Last Samurai", did some light shopping and even ate sushi, then we were off to NYC for New Year's Eve!

My Mom called us and she too said she couldn't believe the sun was out. New York had just had a blizzard dropping a lot of snow. I guess we took the sun there too! We saw "Phantom", the Empire State Building, rode the ferry to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, and walked a lot in Lower Manhattan. Mom & Paul came into the city and we had a great dinner in Harlem at Copeland's. It was Lisa's first time to the city, and David really enjoyed the dinner. Paul gave us a wonderful tour of the city with history & stories dating to way back when. New Year's Eve in NYC was… I can't explain it. Some love it, others stay away. We were able to walk our way to the front of Times Square when David showed his active military ID. More excitement seemed to come from out-of-towners like us. We met people from Tennessee, England, San Francisco, and even ran into Mary & Mike from Huntington Beach. I saw a woman who had a coat on like mine talking with a man and when we were walking past them, I said, "Mary?" We laughed and laughed while everyone was introduced. We had a great time there!

Returning from New York Friday night, having my dance party Saturday night, Jer & I being guests at a quaint dinner party at Theresa's with Manny and friends Sunday and new classes beginning on Monday, it was a little busy. I attended two of the four competition weekends, Monterey and SwingDiego and Eric went to all four.

Even with our Jovial January dance party being on the same weekend as the Palm Springs competition, we still had a great turnout. I really want to thank all of you who came, especially those I met for the first time, because it was right after New Year's Eve, even my cousin Kenny came down. Thank you Jamie for bringing your great brownies, David from "Get It On Sportswear" for your donated sunglasses and Jack for your OCWCSDC passes & membership. Jane from "Harmonious Energy" donated a Feng Shui consultation, and winning that raffle prize was Don from Bakersfield who's really into Feng Shui. Big winners were Manny & Theresa winning four of the raffle prizes including all the $$. And a HUGE thank you to Jer, Aaron & Lynda, Eric, Carolyn, JoAnn, Bev, Jasmin & Tim who pull me out of a pinch every time with all their help at the parties, my mailers and my website. Everyone there helps make the night a success, thanks Jack for DJ-ing and Andre for the studio. Thank you everyone!

Our "Dance Night Out" at Tia Juana's in Irvine are a lot of fun. Our lesson is quick but many of you pick it up. See how good you're getting? :) Thanks all of you who have come and supported Eric and me there also. It's a nice feeling to think of you giving of your time, if you can, to squeeze in a few hours of dancing, touching base with friends. We cross paths for a reason and may not know why. It may be to help someone else out, offer a listening ear or maybe to bump into an old friend you haven't seen in awhile to rekindle a friendship. For some of you, times aren't so good right now, your news has come my way and I don't know what to say and it makes me think. Keep positive people around you, it may be your time to receive help from someone.

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Or if you have any questions about Herbalife and better nutrition or private lessons call me at (714) 330-3689 or Eric at (714) 585-9368. Rejuvenate your spirit, LAUGH, make a change, give time to yourself, SMILE, take care of loved ones and if you are able, Dance-Today…Let your spirit Play. :)

See you next month at our…
Magnificent March party & dance Saturday, March 6, 2004
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