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A Note from Lisa March 2004

Spring is in the air, actually right around the corner and there's a newness associated with Spring, whether it be new growth, changes in our homes, personal lives or social contacts. It can be a fresh start, analyzing what we need to improve or want to change and commence doing it before the end of the year (which seems to come awfully fast).

Change can be challenging and it's comfortable keeping things the same, being in the same place and doing the same things. Maybe it's better not to change because of our set routine. I once heard, "Until the pain to remain the same is greater than the fear of change, the fear to change will remain the same," or in other words, we stay where we are. And yet, maybe we're suppose to be where we are, so we can learn, and not put ourselves in the same situation again. Growing, branching out, stretching our self is change. It can be a little overwhelming to think of all the possibilities. Even just one thing, the thoughts, the fear of success…the unknown. What if it works, what if it goes great? Now what do I do, where do I go from here?

Decisions…maybe we avoid making them and give into default. I mean, if we wait long enough, the decision is made for us or the opportunity's gone. If we make a decision and it's the wrong one, what do we do then? I try to learn from a not-so-good decision, okay, okay I made a mistake (sometimes it takes a couple of times to get it right). Do we get caught up in all those trivial little things to do instead of that IMPORTANT one and before we know it, the day's over? If a decision will cause hurt to someone or one where you really know better, perhaps that's not a good one to make. That saying, "What goes around…" is true. In Japanese, we call it "Bachi ga attata" or growing up, just "ah, that's your bachi" (translating to something like "a bad you will receive" (thanks Mayo)).

Choices…which decision do we choose? Is it going to be the right one? Who knows? After I finally make mine (kicking, screaming, dragging my feet and eating chocolate first :) ), I can move on. In our dance community, sometimes dance venues have dances which conflict with one another. We offer somewhere the dancer can go to meet friends, have fun and enjoy dancing. Sometimes the venue offerings may entice a larger turnout, whether it's a contest, snacks and desserts, cost of admission, location or just other dancers who'll be there. Or things come up in life other than dance. And there are those who didn't even get a choice and aren't so fortunate to be able to dance.

Many have attended our monthly dances at Avant Garde or Tia Juana's at least once, gone to a first dance competition or competed for the first time at a competition. Some have spent time with friends who've met dancing or visited new venues. For most of us whatever the reason, we do what we do, go where we go and spend time with whom we choose because it's our choice. We have a great dance community with the opportunity to dance at different venues and rather than allowing negative forces in, clouding the fun and darkening what joy we get from dancing, let it rejuvenate our spirit :). Keep in mind what dance brings to each of us, especially the newest dancers. With their eyes wide open, the excitement and rush that comes from within because this is something they've always wanted to do in life… DANCE!

Speaking of our monthly dances, I want to thank all of you who came down to our Fandango February dance party, especially you newest students who ventured out to see what our parties are like and the fun everyone has. We had a great birthday gang dance with RJ, Laurie, Jimmy and Catherine. Thank you David, from Get It On Sportswear for donating two pairs of sunglasses to our raffle, Jamie for bringing your great brownies, Eric Myers, our guest DJ, you played fantastic music and those whose help I couldn't do without: Aaron & Lynda, Jessica, Joshua, Matthew & Rachel, Jer, JoAnn, Carolyn, Bev, Jasmin & Tim, Jimmy, Sharon and Andre with setting up, keeping the party going, cleaning up, the snail mailer and our website: Dance-Today.com

Our "Dance Night Out" at Tia Juana's in Irvine with our West Coast Swing lessons have been great fun and thanks everyone for coming out to them and bringing friends we haven't seen in quite a while. We'll be there again Tuesday, March 9th at 8:00 teaching another lesson, tell them you're Lisa & Eric's students for $2.00 off at the door. I have tickets to a front row table at the Jack & Jill O'Rama (a dance convention for those who don't know) in Anaheim June 11-13, 2004. Tickets for the three days including dinner Saturday night are $90.00. If you want to sit with us, email me at Lisa@Dance-Today.com or better yet call me at (714) 330-3689. Also I've been an Herbalife Supervisor for seven years, and if you want to have more energy, better nutrition, or a work from home business, give me a call. A Gift Certificate is an easy and great gift idea giving the Gift of Dance. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, help out a friend, speak the words "I love you" every day and let your spirit play…Dance-Today.
(Does that rhyme too much? :) ) ~Lisa

See you next month at our
And…Action April party & dance
Celebrating our 4th Anniversary
Saturday, April 10, 2004

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