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A Note from Lisa  
August 2003

This July has been BUSY! My trip to Switzerland was wonderful despite the weather changes. It was great to see my sister Susan who works there for Swiss Re. We swam in the pool at her work, yes that's right, inside, and it was great! We went to Zurich, Rapperwil, and Luzern visiting castles and churches, sightseeing and a little shopping. We danced at a disco where I led her in West Coast Swing, Night Club 2-Step, Hustle and Cha Cha, that was a lot of fun. She cooked dinner and I did the dishes, what a pair, and she even made me oven pancakes! Of course we talked about everything. And she's flying over and joining us on the Caribbean cruise, too!

Our last party "Jamaica July" was to get ready for the cruise and thanks to all of you who came down and supported it. Thank you David for the sunglasses and Jack for the CD donated for the raffle and Jamie again for the yummie brownies. Dan and Bev celebrated their birthdays, too. As always thank you to those who give their time to help us have a successful party & dance, Aaron & Lynda, Jessica, Joshua, Matthew & Rachel, JoAnn, Carolyn, Bev, Jasmin & Tim, Eric, Jack and Andre.

Eric and I will be teaching at TIA JUANA'S in Orange County this Tuesday, JULY 29th & August 12th. Mark your calendars. Our last "Dance Night Out" had a great turnout, lots of friends came, making it fun to dance, see friends and meet people. Come down and join us for two more "Dance Night Out's" starting with a 1/2 hr. West Coast Swing lesson at 8:00 p.m., and general dancing at 8:30 p.m. Jumpin' Jack Smith is DJing. Admission is $7.00 ($2.00 discount if you're a student of ours :) Let Daryl know at the door). Tia Juana's is located just behind La Quinta Inn at Sand Canyon Road and the 5 Fwy. See you there!

The deadline to sign up with us for the Swing & Country Caribbean Cruise is August 22nd. We will sail on Carnival's "Conquest" November 9-16, 2003 from New Orleans. I'll be teaching with Eric along with other well-known top dance instructors teaching different dance workshops of all levels. Visit our web site at Cruise to sign up with our group, check out the ship, the cabins, our destination and more. If you don't have Internet access, and need more information, call me at (714) 330-3689 and I'll sign you up.

I really wanted to get my July flyer out before I left for Switzerland, so that was two mailings in June. Whew… Thank you very much Aaron, Lynda, Jessica, Joshua, Matthew and Rachel for helping me. Yet more important, I needed to get a passport to travel abroad, which meant getting a new driver's license removing my former name, so I could get my first passport with only Lisa Narita on it. And to get the driver's license, I needed my birth certificate and my divorce papers, which neither I had. Finally, with all that, they still questioned who I am. Those of you who have already signed up for the cruise will need a passport, so if you don't already have one, I know all that needs to be done. I had the pictures taken at AAA (thanks, Sharon) and check with your City Hall to see if they offer passport services. Their price is better than the Post Office. This all takes time, and of course, I did most of this the week before I left.

I even managed to look on the web to see what the weather would be like in Switzerland (what? Me?), (my sister was in Italy at the time), and rain was forecasted :(. I'm getting better at using the Internet than three years ago. I really fought learning about the computer and the Internet as many of you know. And I still don't know squat, but I have learned to have very smart and talented people help me. Jer's done a beautiful job with our logo and web site Dance-Today, Max has done a great job with our videos which are available at: Videos and David a fabulous job with my Dance-Today T-shirts. You can find their services and others on our Circle of Friends link: Circle of Friends. If you have your own business and want to offer your service, email us a brief description, your email address or phone number and we'll add your name and business. It's great to support each other in our dance family.

Yes, I'm back in the pool and it is a great way to work out. In addition to swimming laps I do pool exercises too. And I'm a Herbalife Distributor so ask me about nutrition and weight management. I've been doing it for over seven years and I'm really happy with the product. Our private lessons special 2/$99 is still going. Need a Gift? Ask us about gift certificates. Call us if you need more information. You can reach me at (714) 330-3689 and Eric at (714) 585-9368. Take care of yourself.

Remember to Dance-Today…Let your Spirit Play ~Lisa

See you next month at our…
Swingin' at Sea September party & dance
Saturday, September 13, 2003
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