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west coast swing, hustle, night club 2-step dance
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~Happy Father's Day !!!
A Note from Lisa   June 2004

We're now in June and have you done at least one or two fun things this year? Some of you spent Memorial Weekend in Fresno or Atlanta at the Dance Competitions. In Fresno, Eric danced Pro/Am with Theresa, her first time on the competitive floor and she took gold in her division. In the Champions division he placed 3rd with Stephanie. Congratulations! I stayed here, taught most of the weekend and squeezed in some fun. Jer and I went to Janice's graduation party, she earned her Master's Degree and there were other dance friends there, we had dinner at a little French restaurant and went to a great barbecue at Judy & Steven's. He even made me brownies, yummm.

Thank you everyone who came to our "Montage of Life" May party & dance. We had roses for all the Mothers for Mother's Day and Sheldon with his BIG heart on his shirt helped me with them and gave them out. With all the generous help to get the party started (I was running a bit late, the bean dip spilled in my car seat-Arrrgh), we were off for a fun night. Eric played terrific music, Jamie brought her great brownies and Gene donated a $25.00 gift certificate from Macaroni Grill in Huntington Beach for the raffle. We also raffled off chocolate covered strawberries, free passes to the Crazy Horse on our "Dance Night Out", private lessons and $$. All the help from Aaron & Lynda, Jessica, Joshua, Matthew & Rachel, Eric, Jer, Jasmin & Tim, JoAnn, Bev, Jimmy, David & RJ and others is so much appreciated. Thank you for your donations and support to help make our parties a success. And I hope all you Mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day too :).

Speaking of our Tuesdays "Dance Night Out" at the Crazy Horse in Irvine, we are going strong! The dance floor is wonderful, so come, take the lessons, meet new people and have fun. With Eric DJ-ing, playing great music, we'll have the best Tuesday Dance Night around. Beginning West Coast Swing Lesson is at 7:00, and the Intermediate lesson at 7:30 & general dancing from 8:00-11:00. Eric plays all types of music, so come down & dance, dance, dance. The Crazy Horse is in the Irvine Spectrum, where the 405 & 5 fwys meet by Dave & Busters.

I'm back in the pool, I like it best in the morning before the sun peaks through the clouds, it's quiet, calm and I have my talk with Him. When things are going great I thank Him and if I feel weak or defeated, I ask for strength & courage. When I'm negative in my thoughts or behavior, I release them to Him and ask for positives and energy to replace them. And when the sun peaks through the clouds, I feel He hears me. I am ever so thankful for my family & friends and I do feel blessed every day. I asked for strength for my Uncle Johnny, who was rushed to the hospital in April, just before our Anniversary dance, from a fall and too weak to call for help. By a fluke, his son, Kenny went by and found him. And with daily visits and feedings from his daughter, Deko, my Auntie Therese & Uncle Herbie and visits from the rest of the family, he is now out of the hospital and recouping with Deko's family.

And for our dance friend Jane, and "mommy" to Teddy, who after having out-patient surgery, had severe complications and ended up in a coma. If it hadn't been for her friend Debbie, she probably wouldn't be alive today. When phone calls she made to Jane weren't being answered, Debbie left work, went to Jane's home, (luckily she had the key) and found Jane, out on the floor. Now ten days later, I'm very happy to write Jane's out of her coma, her recovering is very slow but she's alive. Unfortunately, it's not always a positive turn-around, for Cecilia & Dave and Usa & David have lost a loved one. We send you our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences.

I've had the pleasure of teaching Genna & Mike and Nielma & Kirby their first dance as they wed last month and a few months ago, Kellie & Mike and Vicky & Tim. You did a great job and thank you for letting me be part of your very special day! We also did a Father & Daughter dance for Bob H., Danny and Bob C. And in our dance family, Jim & Catherine also tied the knot. Congratulations to all of you & wishing you the best ever!

Ron & Tyoni Martin, owners of the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships have generously donated two tickets to their event to be raffled off at our September party & dance, Saturday, September 11, 2004. Until then, we will be giving out raffle tickets for this drawing at our monthly dances, starting with our "Jungle Boogie" June dance Saturday, June 19th and Tuesday nights at our "Dance Night Out" at the Crazy Horse in Irvine. So come out and get your free raffle tickets to this prestigious Swing event of the year. The more tickets you collect, the greater your chances are of winning, of course! Thanks Ron & Tyoni.

Working in my garden, I think I killed my azaleas, but my orchids are still alive and blooming. Tim & Jasmin gave us a very nice mini violin recital at their home when we visited with friends. And Jer's going to be a grampa. His daughter, Lisa (she's 1 & I'm 2) is due in September. We visited with her & David at Christmas and New Year's in N.Y.

New classes start next week, check out the new Styling & Technique class on Fridays at 6:00 p.m. For weight loss, better nutrition, more energy or perhaps a work from home business, let me tell you about the new ShapeWorks nutritional program SHAPEWORKS.  Call me at 714) 330-3689 or email me at Lisa@Dance-Today.com with any questions or visit our website at www.Dance-Today.com. And gift certificates make a great gift of dance.

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and give a key to someone you trust. Okay, if not the key to your heart, then better a key to your house in case of an emergency. And Dance-Today…let your spirit play…    ~Lisa

See you at our dance next month.
"Jet Stream" July party & dance, Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Crazy Horse in Irvine
West Coast Swing Tuesday Nights
Cover Charge $10.00 $ 7.00 Dance-Today Members

Lisa Narita & Eric Myers teach West Coast Swing:
7:00 Beginning Level
7:30 Intermediate Level
8:00 General Dancing with DJ Eric spinning great tunes for West Coast Swing, Night-Club 2 Step, Street Hustle, Country 2-Step, ChaCha, Salsa and more.

The Crazy Horse is located in California at the Irvine Spectrum where the 405 & 5 fwys meet. 71 Fortune Dr. Irvine, CA 92618 Parking is the best at the backside of Dave & Busters, the Tea Station & Home Findings. Once you park, walk towards the Carousel & turning to the right, The Crazy Horse is right there.

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