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west coast swing, hustle, night club 2-step dance
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A Note from Lisa   August 2004

Well, this summer has sure flown by quickly. If you haven't done something fun yet, there's still time to squeeze in a barbecue or get-together with family & friends, walk the beach, visit Catalina (hopefully not on Saturday or Sunday), do breakfast, lunch or brunch with favorite people or just a night out dancing.

I haven't been to the Obon Japanese carnival in years. I used to take Aaron & Eric when they were young (yes, they were small at one time). This year I wanted to go with Jer and we met up with some dance friends, Richard & Susan, Steve & Jan, Willie & Betty Ann, and met again Frank & Dee and Kris. The Obon dancing, which goes around "line of dance" was always the highlight of the evening for me, watching the colorful kimonos, gettas and fans going by, I even saw Donna & Russ dancing and after, had a short visit with them. No, I didn't dance, or wear a kimono.

At our "Jet Stream" July party and dance, I did dance a Hustle in my silver dress with Gary who moved to Southern California from up north. And he did a Hustle with JoAnn & me together that was a lot of fun. There was a birthday cake for Bev and Gael, covered with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. For all of the great help from Aaron & Lynda, Jessica, Joshua, Matthew & Rachel, Jer, Eric, Carolyn, JoAnn, Bev, Jasmin & Tim, Jimmy and Andre a huge thank you. And everyone coming makes our dance party very successful and fun for all. Thank you, too.

Summer Splash, the tribute to Jack Carey & Annie Hirsch, ambassadors for Swing, brought together friends we haven't seen for awhile, with an hilarious "toast" of the two after a great dinner. With video clips from Kelly & Sylvia, who couldn't attend, it was almost as if they and their humor were right there in the room with us. Thanks Robert & Deborah for bringing it together, Mark for MC-ing the evening and to those joining me at my table. Unfortunately I had to miss Larry's 60th birthday party which was on the same night. Happy Birthday, Larry! I know it was great, too!

It's so nice to see friends we haven't seen for a while join us for our Tuesdays, "Dance Night Out" at the Crazy Horse in Irvine. I know "everyone" can't make it all the time, there may be something else very important to you. like work.a date, studies or another class. So please don't feel bad or guilty for not coming, we're there, offering a venue to dance with a nice floor, great music by Eric, dance lessons, nice people and fun (see flyer for more). And I know some of you have had injuries or are recuperating. My sister, Susan, had such a terrific time last week, she said it was the most fun, best ever dancing. She really enjoyed her dance with Tim & Jasmin, her first threesome, and the Hustle with Manny. Her son, Eli had a nice visit with the only other non-dancer in the room, his cousin, Aaron. We've had dance celebrities and competitors visit with us, it's awesome to watch them dance. A huge thank you especially to Aaron and Laura, who help us at the front desk each week, it's a little hectic just before the dance lesson at 7:00. And thanks to Jessica, Joshua, Matthew & Rachel for being so good while their Dad helps, Mike for our new front door sign (Aaron & Rachel made the previous one) and to all our Dance-Today Dance Club Members (too many to list :) ). Thanks everyone for supporting our "Dance Night Out," for without you there, this nice dance floor's empty.

Remember that we're giving out raffle tickets each night we're at the Crazy Horse and at our monthly dances at Avant Garde for two tickets to the prestigious Swing event of the year, the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships donated by Ron & Tyoni Martin. The tickets to their event in San Jose will be raffled off at our September monthly dance Saturday, September 11, 2004. Don't miss it, winners need to be present. Thanks Ron & Tyoni!

Long time friend Julie (of Sundance Dance Club and the Clubhouse) and Tom were married at her ranch and rode off into the sunset on horseback (yes, they came back). As of this writing, she has sold the Clubhouse to Tom & Sossy Hyatt who just celebrated their 1st Anniversary. They'll have their Grand Opening of their newly renovated studio, "Top Catz" Saturday, Sept. 25th. Having the pleasure of teaching Bob & Joan and Amanda & Ryan their special wedding dance, they were married in July. Congratulations to all of you, wishing you all the best in your new life together, your new ventures, and your beautiful future.

Eric has now started the Fire Academy, the day after winning 1st in the WCSDC Advanced Jack & Jill with Dayna at Memories. Congratulations you two. Boy his month is starting out an exciting & busy one! At Carolyn's we had a going away barbecue with over 50 friends for our friend Gael who moved to Atlanta. I've been able to squeeze in a breakfast with my cousins, Deko & Linda and my Mom came into town. And once again I've run out of space so will continue next month. Sign up at our website, Dance-Today   email me at or call me at (714) 330-3689.

Be good to yourself and those you love. Reach out your hand and help a friend if you're able (like, ask to dance?).

And Dance-Today.to let your Spirit play.    ~Lisa

Our Next Month's dance.
"Serenity in September" party & dance Saturday, September 11, 2004
The Crazy Horse in Irvine
West Coast Swing Tuesday Nights
Cover Charge $10.00 $ 7.00 Dance-Today Members

Lisa Narita & Eric Myers teach West Coast Swing:
7:00 Beginning Level
7:30 Intermediate Level
8:00 General Dancing with DJ Eric spinning great tunes for West Coast Swing, Night-Club 2 Step, Street Hustle, Country 2-Step, ChaCha, Salsa and more.

The Crazy Horse is located in California at the Irvine Spectrum where the 405 & 5 fwys meet. 71 Fortune Dr. Irvine, CA 92618 Parking is the best at the backside of Dave & Busters, the Tea Station & Home Findings. Once you park, walk towards the Carousel & turning to the right, The Crazy Horse is right there.

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