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west coast swing, hustle, night club 2-step dance
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A Note from Lisa   September 2004

Even though it was very hot here this Labor Day Weekend, and it's my grandchildren, Jessica and Matthew's birthdays, summer's winding down now and it's back to school or work for many of us. Were you able to get away for a quick break or lucky enough to have a longer vacation? Just a breather, a change or getting away is good for the soul.

Jer planned a surprise for me and we went to Catalina for a day. Renting a little cart, we drove around viewing parts of Catalina I had never seen before. The Theater was just like the Crest and Towne in Long Beach where I grew up, with one long aisle down the center, and rows & rows of seats. Things there were like stepping back in time, it was very cool. Thank you Jer for my quick get-away; it was wonderful.

We see with our eyes and hear with our ears, yet, can we see the same thing again but through different eyes the second or third time (and I don't mean with colored contacts)? Or be blinded to what's right in front of us, missing something that's very visible or "seeing" only one way? Do we really listen to what another is saying and hear the message? Can we allow the person to finish without interruption or replying defensively? It may be hard to see or hear what we don't want to or even listening to that soft inner voice and admitting we really know what's right, wrong or needs change.

I know for me, my "choices" weren't always the best. I did what I thought needed to be done and did the best I could. Having read the book, "Who Stole My Cheese" (thanks Judy & Stephen), I'm like the character, "Haw", waiting, and realizing things aren't going to change, (finally) moves on. Sometimes it takes a long, long time to heal, get over "it", whatever "it" is.

I'm thankful to have a loving family & great friends who've been there to help me though my tough times. If we're willing to take a hand that's willing to help and guide us with love and not control, through a tough time in our life, we can learn, then let go when we're ready and be there for someone else. Like riding that first bike with training wheels. then venturing out into new territories (even if it's only around the block).

Some of you have shared with me parts of your life and how you started dancing. I know many have held the hand of another, danced together or were introduced to others and some gently let go. Many of you have formed new friendships through dance, gone to conventions, parties, dinners, weddings, shows and even cruises together.

Bob Brewer, who has a dance Friday nights at the Press Box, had a special Jack & Jill contest for dancers from San Diego & the Press Box. It was good to see so many dancers I haven't seen out dancing for awhile. Some came just to visit and support their friends.

That's the camaraderie many of us feel in our dance world. David, of "Get it On" Sportswear, who makes my Dance-Today T-shirts, lost his mother last month, and was very touched by all the sympathies shown by his dance friends. Life or family crisis can pull us away for a spell, perhaps it's supposed to happen that way, to appreciate life and what we do have.

We're working on getting West Coast Swing out to the general public to see and experience. Thanks for all the great ideas from Jer, Tim & Jasmin, Tara and others. The dance community is pretty minute in comparison to let's say, the Mall, how many dancers do you run into? One?

I attended a Herbalife Success Training Seminar (STS) with over 500 people there, wearing my Dance-Today T-shirt, standing, clapping & cheering and no one knew me (other than my upline). I thought for sure there'd be another dancer in the room. Nope, talk about ego, but they recognized me at the next month's meeting wearing my Dance-Today T-shirt, that's for sure.

Herbalife has really helped me stay in the shape I'm in, with energy and no more asthma. It's the #1 weight & nutritional product in the world being in over 52 countries, over 20 years old and going strong. Dance is great exercise, as we all know. Hmmmm, think there might be something here? Perhaps a nice blend, good nutrition with fun exercise. There's a STS meeting here in Orange County, Saturday, Sept. 25th. Let me know if you're interested in learning more about the "ShapeWorks" program and go with me.

Thank you everyone who came to our "Awareness in August" dance. Appreciate that we can dance, be aware of our relationships with others, support foundations like the "Susan B. Komen" for Breast Cancer, and Heart Disease. Thanks Richard for donating the movie tickets for our raffle. It was also Jim & Sheldon's birthday. Thanks for all your help Aaron, Jer, Carolyn, JoAnn, Bev, Jasmin & Tim, Sam, Eric for DJ-ing and Andre to make our parties the best around and most fun for everyone!

And our "Dance Night Out" Tuesday nights at the Crazy Horse in Irvine are going very strong. New Classes & Workshops are starting this month at Avant Garde. Running out of room, see flyers (previous emails) for more info. Or go to:

In the Fab 5000 Jack & Jill-Division A Contest at Memories in Whittier, Eric took 2nd overall. Division B is Sunday night, September 12th at 7:30. I'll be judging so if you come down, I'll see you there.

If you've been very busy, hopefully time will allow you out for a fun night soon. Time...it's a funny thing. We may want more but would still run out (we'd just take on more :)). Visit our website at, Dance-Today   email me at or call me at (714) 330-3689.

Be good to yourself and those you love. Reach out your hand and help a friend if you're able (like, ask to dance?).

See you next month at our: "Opportunity Knocks" October party & dance, Saturday, October 9, 2004 at Avant Garde Ballroom.

And Dance-Today.to let your Spirit play.    ~Lisa

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