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A Note from Lisa   November 2004

As we're fast approaching the final month of this year, have we gotten done something we've wanted to do or accomplish? Hasn't this been a really busy year? For some of us, there's been a huge change in our lives venturing into areas we never thought we would and for a few, it's been a pretty rough year. Keep going forward, even if only tiny steps. Go to the movies, "Shall We Dance" is a good one. Reach out for that hand, call a friend, take deep breaths.

How many of you never thought you'd be dancing today? Or some of you have mentioned that you wish you had started dancing when you were younger. It wasn't your time then. But it is now and that's GREAT! Some of you may want to come and just check it out first, try a class, come to the Crazy Horse or our monthly parties. It may be the something new to try, now or next year. Bring your teen, it might be something that'll catch their interest. We want to build our younger group of dancers, to keep dancing alive. It'd be fun, they'd meet others their age, have some physical activity, just like it is for us. It may be that, "Something we could do together?"

When Eric first saw West Coast Swing, he thought it was just an "old people's" dance (He was 17 and had to work the door where my former husband and I were teaching). Now, 12 years later, he loves dancing and is so creative on the dance floor. He's really great at it and all the ladies tell me, "He's a pleasure to dance with." Who would've known.

More of you are joining us Tuesday nights at the Crazy Horse in Irvine, CA for our "Dance Night Out." The lessons are going great and you never know who you may just bump into. Friends are always dropping by and it's a great opportunity to catch up on what's been happening. Come help and warm up with the Beginning West Coast Swing Lesson at 7:00, get ready for the Intermediate lesson at 7:30 and general dancing starts at 8:00. Eric plays all types of music, so come down & dance, dance, dance. Aaron & Laura will greet you at the door. The Crazy Horse is by Dave & Busters in the Irvine Spectrum (see above).

Newlyweds, Janice & Chips will be dancing at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships and will dance their routine for us at the Crazy Horse, November 23rd. So come down and let's give them our support.

Our "Opportunity Knocks in October" dance party had just a hint of Halloween that night. Jan & Steve donated coffee mugs, macadamia nuts and candy to the raffle. Also Inna, John, Mike, Joel and Steve all had their birthdays, so we gang danced them. My sister Susan, from Switzerland, dropped in on her 48-hour layover to Hawaii. She loved it! All the fun couldn't happen without Aaron, Jer, Bev, Carolyn, JoAnn, Jasmin & Tim, Allen (he's back), Jimmy, Lynda, Jessica, Joshua, Matthew, Rachel, Eric and Andre. Thank you everyone for all your help and support making our dance parties the best!

Even with being called into Jury Duty, the next day I was able to get away for a mini vacation to none other than Puerto Rico! WOW! Yes, I joined Jer, he was finishing up with work there, and we had a wonderful time. We relaxed, did some sightseeing and even went kayaking, something I never thought I'd do, in a country I never thought I'd be in. Kayaking was quite an experience for me, it was mostly humorous, and I DID IT! Thank you very much, Jer.

Carolyn & Sonya had their annual Hawaiian Luau barbecue in September. It's always so much fun getting together with good friends and Carol came, all the way from Kansas. And I did a little Country Two-Step with Steven.

Congratulations to Tom & Sossy and their new studio, "Top Cats", celebrating their Grand Opening a few weeks ago. To Jeanne & Jan who worked extremely hard to get their Masters degrees, to Pao & Lou on their engagement, and to my students Myles & Karen on their recent wedding. Wishing you all the happiness & love forever.

I'm teaching workshops again, check out the website at www.Dance-Today.com or the flyer for dates, times and dances. If you have any past Gift Certificates from the parties, please redeem them by the end of the year.

*NO CLASS, Fri. Nov. 19th, Wed., Thurs. and Friday, Nov. 24th, 25th and 26th (Thanksgiving Weekend). Wishing the Best of Luck to all of you who will be competing at either the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships or the Star Ball Dance Competitions that weekend.

I'll be cutting back my mailing, so if you have any friends who aren't on my email list, they may sign up here at our website or email me at Lisa@Dance-Today.com.

Gift certificates do make a great Holiday gift, the gift of dance. Also for better nutrition especially during the Holidays or working from your home, think ShapeWorks by Herbalife, the Gift of Life and give me a call at (714) 330-3689.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & friends and for the blessings we have. Take care of yourself and love those close to you.let your spirit play and Dance-Today. ~Lisa

See you next month at our "Dynamic December" party & dance Saturday, December 11, 2004

Thanks and Make it a Great month!
Lisa Narita
(714) 330-3689

And Dance-Today.to let your Spirit play.    ~Lisa

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